"Story driven pixel art Twin stick horror shooter."

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter is a high-speed twin-stick shooter with absurd weapons & obscure power-ups, loveable characters, and a quirky story where surprising gameplay and horror await around every corner. It may look cute on the surface with something sinister bubbling underneath.


Welcome to Gloomhaven, home to Kaylee Bu33le, a popular streamer and her younger sister Maddie West. A dark shadow looms over the town as a wave of ghastly monstrosities has torn through town, leaving only despair in their wake. To contain the media coverage of the outbreak, all access to the web is cut and Kaylee’s stream stops in its tracks, only then does she soon realise a horror greater than missing her daily stream donations goal.


Run and gun your way through a riot of rambling zombies as you desperately complete tasks and scratch your head over perilous puzzles. Whether you stare down the obscure abominations of Gloomhaven with bravery or sprint away hot on your heels, the wide roster of formidable enemies will torment every run and send your adrenaline spiking.

Every time you fall victim to the hordes of zombies you will lose a life but three strikes and you’re out! Luckily you can still save your loot if you have a life left and as long as you can safely retrace your steps. Blast through each level with powerful perks from vending machines dotted around the world to increase your fire rate, and running speed, provide health buffs, shields, increased luck for extra loot drops and more!


Prepare for bu33le and make it double with our Co-Op Survival Mode. Take on waves of enemies in a megamix mash-up from everything you've encountered in the main game.

Earn XP, rank up to earn badges to show off your skills and show off with some different skins for your favourite characters. Stick together in a back-to-back Co-Op challenge and save Gloomhaven from the sheer horror of having no internet connection.


Nothing is ever quite as it seems in Gloomhaven with secrets spread over every level, put your tactics with Interactive minigames, piece together perilous puzzles and solve a multitude of monstrous mysteries to collect all the coins while being hunted by an army of ghouls and ghastlies.


Churn up the difficulty and put yourself to the test with Gloomhaven academy’s score sheet, whether you’re an avid speed runner, a passionate completionist or feel the need to wipe every lurker off the face of the map, the S grading system will let you know if you’re up to scratch.


Get a unique experience every run as the game will randomise every level!! Not only is each run different but the adaptive difficulty will make your time tougher or easier based on a multitude of factors, including a crushing difficulty for the die-hard arcade veterans.

This means whether you’re a fresh bubble gunner or consistently pop off at esports you’ll still get an experience tailored and flavoured to your liking.


Get multiple games for the price of one with a multitude of arcade machines that you can PLAY! Games within games unlock loot and other prizes so try them all! RAD LAND Amusement park is bursting with minigames designed to excite and delight.

Between each level, you can get behind the wheel of Kaylee's Rad van! Mow down zombies to earn coins, earn back lives and speed your way into the next challenging level.  

These driving levels are optional bonus stages and contain some awesome tunes from great bands, each piece of music you can unlock to listen to whenever you want once you complete each song's bonus stage.  


If taking on the hordes of the undead is just too much right now, you can unwind with Kaylee and Maddie at their house, listen to unlocked music in the bedroom, and marvel at your collectables. You can also boot up the computer to replay levels, check leaderboards, cruise in the Rad Van or play Maddie's miniGame collection that you’ve found whilst playing.  

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